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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 What is a gorean slave

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PostSubject: What is a gorean slave   What is a gorean slave Icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 4:35 pm

~What is a Gorean slave?~
A Gorean slave in the books had no choices from birth. He was born into slavery and kept or sold depending on the whim of his owner. A Gorean slave on Earth (on-line or off-line) has a conscious choice. Although his belly tells him he is slave and he aches to serve and please, he CAN make the choice not to allow himself into slavery. Should he chose to follow his natural instincts, his belly will tell him which collar to beg.....and once the Free places Their steel on him, he has no more choices - he obeys Them totally or he fails being what he is.

In either case, (on Gor or on Earth) the slave's sole purpose is to please the Free and his Owner in particular. In either case, he is acutely aware of the Natural Order and that his place is at the feet of the Free. He has a belly-burning need to please that goes way beyond desire. It consumes his mind, body, heart and soul and he is helpless to do anything but respond to it. A slave does not have to be taught his purpose...he feels in his belly the ache to serve and to please. We hear that a hundred times a week in online Gor... but it is, quite simply, the truth of it. His tummy physically pulls in him, cramps and contracts with ache and need to serve and be found pleasing. His heart rejoices each time he is told he has pleased a Free Person and aches when he has been found not so pleasing. His Owner becomes the focus of his life....he awakes from sleep in the morning thinking of his Owner...spends his day wanting his Owner, thoughts of his Owner and being with his Owner consume him...deep joy and excitement overtake him when he is with his Owner... he drifts to sleep at night with thoughts of his Owner, awaking, often in the night with the fever and ache for his Owner....then, morning comes and he wakes to thoughts of his Owner again.....He feels his slavery to his Owner all the time, no matter what he is doing or who he is with. When he is not with his Owner, he yearns to return to his Owner as quickly as possible.

He gives himself to his Owner totally... surrendering himself to his Owner and his Owners will, holding nothing back. He aches for his Owners teaching and his Owners guidance in order that he can learn to be a slave most pleasing to his Owner. Kneeling at his Owners feet, listening to his Owners instructions absolutely overwhelm him with happiness as he feels he can take one more step to being what he so desperately needs to be: a slave that pleases his Owner. He knows that he must act in a manner that would bring his Owner pride and happiness in his Owners possession. He wants to be worthy for his Owner. He is obligated to make his Owner aware of his needs, desires, thoughts and questions. his Owner has no responsibility to react to these things should his Owner chose not to but his Owner must be told everything.... for how else can his Owner make decisions for him.

He knows that if he forgets his place or is found displeasing by his Owner that his Owner will punish him. He knows that his place at his Owners feet is tentative at best.... that he had better behave or his Owner will send him away. his Owner is strong enough to punish him or toss him aside if he does something his Owner finds unacceptable. his Owner may care for him, even deeply.. his Owner might even love him in his Owners way... but that will never stop his Owner from discarding him if he displeases his Owner. It will always be his Owners choice to decide if he is worth punishment to be taught a lesson or not. If not, out he goes!!! There may or may not be love for the Owner.. but an on-line slave surely saw in the Owner something that drew him to his Owner, specifically.. something that made him beg his Owners collar and not that of another... and it is a natural evolution of the slave's heart (although not always) from devotion, adoration, trust, commitment, obedience... to fall in love with the Owner who owns him, disciplines him, cares for him.

In short *smiles as she looks above and realizes there is nothing short about her ramblings here*..... The Gorean Slave is a piece of property. Owned by a Free person who can do with it as He/She wishes. The slave must obey immediately and without hesitation or question. The property is strictly held for the pleasure of it's Owner and if it's Owner finds no pleasure in it, then it will be thrown out. However, if the slave IS found pleasing, then there are no boundries to the joy, gratification and delight that both Owner and slave can experience with each other.

this girl thanks you for your patience
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What is a gorean slave
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