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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 Gorean Slave Types

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PostSubject: Gorean Slave Types   Gorean Slave Types Icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 4:30 pm

Types of Slaves

Here is a listing of the types of slaves there are. If you choose to call yourself one of these, make sure you know what you are talking about and have either studied or trained in it.

Earth women are considered natural slaves as they have no Home Stone. They have a reputation of being the lowest and hottest of slaves. They are generally considered barbarians because they know nothing of Gor and must be trained even to speak Gorean. There are extremely few Earth girls who are ever freed on Gor. Both agents of the Priest-Kings and the Kurii make stops on Earth to obtain women to become slaves. Raids by the Kurii have brought a lot of Earth women to Gor in recent years. In the books, only 2-3% were female slaves, and male slave percentages were even less.

A female slave of the Northern regions of Gor. They are often more hardy, as they are used not only for pleasure but also for common work. They are commonly more outspoken and forward in the way they present themselves to Men. They also commonly serve in the nude. It is not unlikely that they will crawl up into a Man's lap while serving Him, splashing the drink over their body, enticing Him to lick it from their bare flesh. They often touch and lick and kiss a Man without explicit permission, during their service to Him. This is how the Men of the Northern regions prefer their slaves to behave. Such behavior from a "silk girl" in a more Southern region would usually be done with explicit permission of the Man.

Bath slave:
A female slave that tends the public and private baths found in most Gorean cities. They assist Men in bathing and also are available for sexual service should a Man so desire. There name and price are commonly placed on their collar. They are often excellent swimmers and sometimes may have shorter hair than the average fermale slave for protection from the water. Their common attire is simply a towel wrapped about them with nothing under it.

Below deck girl :
The term used for slave girls transported in the hold of a ship. They are held in individual cages and because of infestations of lice, all of their body hair is shaved. The term 'below-deck girl'is used derisively especially by those slave girls allowed to remain on deck in cages, who need not have shaved heads, though all slaves on a slaver ship are unclothed
Slave girl of Gor pg 318-321

Camp slaves:
Owned by Merchants who hold contracts with military camps. These girls travel with a military camp and are rented out to the soldiers at fees agreed upon by the Merchant and soldier. They may be used in a variety of ways including menial daily chores to sexual pleasures.

Chamber slave :
A slave of the priest kings restricted to use within a particular chamber, these slaves cannot leave the chamber and are to serve the Freeperson living there fully
Priest Kings of Gor pg 36

Coin girl:
A girl that is set to the streets by her Owner with a coinbox fixed to her collar. She is to serve Men sexually once they have deposited a coin in the box. If she is not satisfactory in her performance, the coin may be refunded by her Owner. This is often seen as a low type of slave. In fact, some privately owned slaves are made into coinbox girls as a form of punishment.

Display slave :
A slave girl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her master; often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the palanquin or other transport of her Master
Dancer of Gor pg 367

Exotic/passion slave:
A pleasure slave that has been bred from a line of good pedigree. She is bred for her skills or appearance.

Field slave :
Mainly male slaves but female slaves have been known to help the cultivation of the fields and any crops risen, also does the gardening, fetching wood or water
Magicians of Gor pgs 299-302

Fighting slave(male):
A male slave that may or may not earn His freedom by fighting another fighting slave. He may also earn the pleasure of a female slave as His prize.

First girl :
Slave appointed by the Master to oversee other usually younger or less experienced girls; she rules when FreePersons are not present as the Master, but she is subject to his total authority, usually called Mistress by the other girls, she may have switching rights over them as well
Explorers of Gor pg 78, Dancer of Gor pgs 170,211&380

Flute girl :
A slave trained in the art of music, specifically the playing of the double flute. They perform at various functions and are available for sexual use by those Free Men of their audience
Magicians of Gor pgs 118-122

Kettle-and-mat girl:
A girl who serves her Owner doing menial tasks and also His sexual desires. Another low type of slave.
Assassin of Gor pg 112, Raiders of Gor pg 99

Last girl :
Used to denote either the newest girl on a chain or the least of all the girls
Savages of Gor pg 240

Lure girl:
A slave who's purpose is to enticeand distract a Man so that her Owner and His Men may capture Him for work gangs or crew.

Love slave :
Term used in reference to slave girls who have found, as it is said, their one true love master. The slavery love slaves are kept in is said to be the harshest as the man who has been found caring for a mere slave, freqently fears to become weak with her.
Tribesmen of Gor pg , Beasts of Gor

Luck girl :
A slavegirl who acts as mascot onboard ship; her use is usually reserved for the captain of the ship, but she may be shared with the crew, usually as a disciplinary measure
Tribesman of Gor pg 61

Paga slave :
Slaves in paga taverns and inns, to serve domestically and any other way the patron sees fit
Hunters of Gor, ch 4

Passion slave :
A slavegirl who has been bred, rather captured; specifically, one that has been bred for a particular trait, such as beauty or slave heat or the shape of her lips
Priest kings of Gor pg 53

Pierced ear slave :
A slave girl whose ears have been pierced; as a girl's ears is consider the ultimate degradation, it virtually guarantees that the girl will never be freed; the practise first became popular after the fall of Turia to the Wagon Peoples, but is gaining acceptance in the northern cities especially AR
Captive of Gor pgs 157,167&319

Pleasure slave :
A slavegirl whose main function is sexual servitude to her Master
Captive of Gor pg 101
The most common type of slave found online. Female slaves trained in any and all pleasures of Men, including but not limited to sexual pleasures. Pleasure slaves kneel with their thighs spread for the pleasure of Men. They are heated, sensual, graceful creatures, very attuned to what a Man desires in a female at His feet. They may be found in paga taverns or on the personal chain of a Man, or in a rich Man's pleasure gardens. They are often unrestricted to any Gorean man for sexual use. Although, restriction is determined by the Owner of the girl. It is common online for Masters to restrict their pleasure slaves, and it is His right as a Free Man of Gor. There service can range from sexual pleasure to daily duties. They are trained to be enticing, hot, delicious, and graceful in everything they do, from simply walking or kneeling, to tumbling in the furs. Pleasure slaves are generally seen as high slaves because of the amount of training and dedication required of them.

Pot girl:
Another low slave. She serves mainly for menial tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Girls often refer to one another as "pot girl" as an insult.

Scribe slave :
These slaves are somewhat rare, since slaves are seldom taught to read or write. Since teaching takes time and money a large number of scribe slaves are High Caste free women of the scribe caste that have been captured. These slaves are used by merchants and administrators mostly. They help keep the books and records that others feel as a tiresome duty. As in the case of all slaves they are not above cooking, cleaning and warming the furs of their Masters

Self-contract, limited slave :
An arrangement wherein a Free Woman contracts to be an experimental slave for a period of time ranging from one night to one year. Her documents will contain a specified termination dateBlood Brothers of Gor pg 101

Side-block girl :
A slavegirl sold for a fixed price from the side block of a slave auction house, instead of auctioned from the main block; used disparagingly
Savages of Gor pg 107

Silk girl :
Term used by those of Torvaldsland to denote a slavegirl from the southern cities; often used disparagingly
Marauders of Gor pg 144

Silk slave :
Term used in reference to male slave, used by FreeWomen as sexual toys. Typically such slaves are quite handsome, even "pretty" by male standards. These slaves are sometimes effeminate in behavior, though most often they are more virile in appearance and action. Most Gorean free women prefer to be served by manly and quite masculine males. This is, however, a dangerous tendency, since such males are often more difficult to control and handle. Silk slaves will not befound in all Cities and are usually confined to 'specialty' markets.
Savages of Gor pg 69

State slave:
a slave owned by the city to serve doing menial tasks and sometimes sexual pleasures of the guards. They often serve at banquets and tend to the central kitchens, clean apartments, care for children, carrying messages etc. Another low type of slave.

Tavern slave :
The most common type of slave. These slaves are referred to as kettle-and-mat slaves. In other words, they do everything from scrub scullions, cooking, and serving, to warming a Masters furs at night.

Thrall :
Males slaves of Torvaldsland
Marauders of Gor pg 82

Work slaves:
Term used in reference to slaves used for labor in the fields, houses, stables etc. These females are considered, like kettle and mat girls, to be low slaves.
Magicians of Gor pgs 299-302 & 305
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Gorean Slave Types
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