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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 MMssphht the Priest King

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PostSubject: MMssphht the Priest King   MMssphht the Priest King Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 1:13 am

MMzzphhht left the safety of the burrow as he was want to do every few decades to taste the scents of the air and breath deeply the flavors of the surface world.
Pasero Palianta: Tal
Jasper38 Haystack: Tal
Pasero Palianta: I am Pasero and I seek recovery of memories.
MMzzphhht his antennae detected the scent of two humans and so he stepped across the top of the sleen guarding the burrow mouth and easily traversed down the hillside towards them.
Jasper38 Haystack: and I am Jasper and I seek knowledge and understanding
Pasero Palianta: You know all about me if you are whom you seem to be.
MMzzphhht after a few moments of studying them the translator he wore converted their spoken words to the scents with which the priest kings spoke and he then gave a bow of his head in their directions
MMzzphhht: I am MMzzphhht, of the second burrow.
Pasero Palianta: I can speak the ancient tongue as well.
MMzzphhht cants his head at them as he rose back up and studied them curiously for a few moments before the small box on his belly burbled out again in gorean.
MMzzphhht: You seek memories? Have you then been injured? And what knowledge do you seek?
Pasero Palianta: Well met MMzzphhht
Jasper38 Haystack: I seek the knowledge of Gor and all of it's beings
Sweetie Dagger looked at HImiko and said in a whisper "do you see, what I see"
Jasper38 Haystack: i am an infant in my understanding
Pasero Palianta: Don't be silly, Jaspr.
MMzzphhht advanced towards the small human that had spoken and then leaned forward to run his delicate feather antennae across the man's skin, looking for signs and scents of familiarity
Himiko Arida: " I see something green.. I quess with the Kur I saw last time.. I've seen pretty much everything now.. " She whispers back.
Sweetie Dagger nodded as she watched wide eyed
MMzzphhht after a few moments of study the box burbled again. "I can sense that you have been touched by a Priest King before, but that was one of the 1st burrow, not one whom I have known."
Jasper38 Haystack: I appreciate your attention
Himiko Arida keeps herself a bit behind swee, peering at the Priest King. Whispering once more. " So.. that is what the Gods look like... "
MMzzphhht then pivots and slowly runs his feathery antennae across the face of the other man as well.
Pasero Palianta waits respectfully
Sweetie Dagger: I must go... ~she said ihn before she grasped the heavy robed fabric and took to the path like the wind~
MMzzphhht: You have been recently touched by one of the second burrow however, the stories of it are written in the scents of your skin.
Pasero Palianta: Can you tell that I have two souls in me?
Pasero Palianta: I am one and Kip is the other. But he is dead. I am alive.
MMzzphhht: Souls? ~gave a little shake of his head~ Not two souls, there is the knowledge of two within you, the memories of two, but only one soul.
Pasero Palianta: Then the Soul of Kip is gone?
MMzzphhht then tasted the air around the man again for many long moments, thoroughly enjoying this moment for he had only expected to taste the scent of flowers when he surfaced, not actually be confronted by two surface dwelling goreans.
MMzzphhht: A soul when it departs returns to the arms of the mother, and is reborn to walk the universe again with the next burrow.
MMzzphhht: No soul is truly ever 'gone' then from existence, but you have only one soul within you.
Pasero Palianta: I believe, and I was told by the priest that I could come here to recover the memories of Kip.
MMzzphhht raises a claw slowly to touch the tip to his cheek in a delicate stroking motion as the box on his belly continues to rumble.
Pasero Palianta removes his helm.
MMzzphhht: But another Priest king, of the 1st burrow, has sought to place within you the memories and knowledge of another being.
MMzzphhht: Perhaps this Kip you speak of.
Pasero Palianta nods
Pasero Palianta: That is what I have been told actually happened.
MMzzphhht: The memories that he attempted to implant within your mind and the knowledge, it seems to be in conflict with your *no translation avaialable*
Pasero Palianta: Except that I was told that he lives within me.
Pasero Palianta is puzzled.
MMzzphhht: Do not all beings who are remembered by others continue to live on in a sense?
Pasero Palianta: I never knew Kip. He died before I was brought to Gor.
MMzzphhht: Do you not have parent forms whom no longer are alive, but who continue to exist in because of your memories of them and the beliefs and values they have taught you?
MMzzphhht: yes his physical form has perished, but his knowledge and his memories survive on in you.
Pasero Palianta: Aye I do, because I remember them. I know nothing of this Gorean, Kip.
Pasero Palianta: Except that he was brutally murdered.
MMzzphhht the entire time that he had spoken to the Gor men his body had been synthesizing a subtle chemical elixir, which he then rubbed a claw tip across a mandible to collect at it very tip. This he then stroked onto the skin of the man watching as it was quickly drawn into his skin.
MMzzphhht: There was an error made in the implant of his memories and knowledge, a small thing easily fixed.
Pasero Palianta: Please, if there is anything that can be done. I will do something, whatever you ask, if only I can recover the memories of Kip that I know reside within me.
MMzzphhht: I have given you a *no translation available* which over the course of next several days will allow memories of Kip to come into focus for you again.
Pasero Palianta: Oh thank you!
Pasero Palianta: I can feel a change already. It is like a dream.
MMzzphhht: In the beginning it may be a bit frightening, since you may experience traumatic visions, you may feel as if you are Kip for short spurts of time.
Pasero Palianta nods solemnly
MMzzphhht: However as your mind incorporates the memories, you will begin to settle into yourself as the primary with the knowledge of Kip available for you to remember and not experience.
Pasero Palianta: You are most kind.
MMzzphhht runs his feathered antennae over the mans face again, noting the chemical changes in his body already to the serum that he had applied and was happy with the indicated results.
Jasper38 Haystack listens attentively and with awe
MMzzphhht another curious scent however did catch his attention and his antennae wander lower on the man, detecting something about his belt
Pasero Palianta: How can I repay you?
Pasero Palianta: I have something
MMzzphhht: Do you carry some sort of liquid?
MMzzphhht: In that container on your belt?
Pasero Palianta: I have this.
Pasero Palianta takes the egg.
MMzzphhht: It has a most... intriqing/perplexing aroma.
Pasero Palianta: I don't know what it is.
Pasero Palianta: It was very small but it grew.
Pasero Palianta: Touch it.
MMzzphhht wanders over to the object which they have produced and runs a delicate feathered claw along the surface of the egg for many moments and then strokes his antennae across it
MMzzphhht: This is an egg of the 1st burrow.
Pasero Palianta: You can have it. I was just using it for lighting. See?
MMzzphhht: It must have lain untouched for many thousand years where ever you discovered it.
Pasero Palianta touches the egg.
Pasero Palianta: It was the most amazing thing.
MMzzphhht taps his claws together happily and makes a series of chittering sounds that the translator can not manage to change into gorean tongue.
Pasero Palianta: A slave killed a bird with a slingshot.
MMzzphhht: Indeed, indeed, indeed,
Pasero Palianta: The bird died, but laid an egg.
Pasero Palianta: I picked it up and put it in my wagon.
Pasero Palianta: Now it is yours.
MMzzphhht: Then I accept the egg as an offering for the healing I have given.
Pasero Palianta: Thank you very much. I hope it is useful for you.
MMzzphhht canted his head at the 'egg' again happily, apparently a power source of some such from possibly a Kurri vessel and congratulated himself for deciding to visit the surface this decade instead of the next.
MMzzphhht: Yes. Yes I believe that a use can be found for this.
Pasero Palianta: Jasper. Make your request before we go.
MMzzphhht gripping the egg in his claws his then lifted it as if it were a feathers weight and with a bounce of his legs sprang back in the direction of the burrow mouth with no further words
Jasper38 Haystack: My request has been granted
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MMssphht the Priest King
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