Luna Nights

The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 The Guardsman

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PostSubject: The Guardsman   The Guardsman Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 1:12 am

A happy go lucky Inn Keeper, I had finished up a day of toil and opted to relax near the entry to the Lands... seems even when not working I cant resist at least welcoming people traveling along the Pilgrams path.... nonetheless....

A guard paced back and forth, I didnt know him well but he had been on the lands for a number of moons, my sister seemed to be pretty close with him. I thought to myself, he sure is viligent in his post .. how fortunate we are to have him on watch !

Sometimes, surprise is an element of a real good shock value. The guard attacked me, I didnt even realize what was going on until I saw that last blow come down, I was rendered unconcious.

Later, I woke on a ship. in binds... it would not be long before I am dragged like cargo from its hold and taken through rough terrain, across hills, dark stoned mountains and then, out of eyeshot of man or beast I was stripped. Our exchange was not pleasant and I refused to submit to his terrorizing. He turned his back and I took the moment to try and end his miserable life by grabbing his own arrow from quiver and bringing it down into his back, he was quicker than I.

Non=stop travel... this Guard didnt stop but to scratch his chin before we were moving again ... place to place... no matter the City or town.. not a one minded my plea's for assistance.... but that long moving about journey ended where it began, at my own lands at the feet of my sister... my blood sister... who Told the man that demanded a Ransom that she would not pay it... I will never forget, that moment.

He took me and threw me into a street in a foreign city, and left me there, the place was called " Midgaard " and I wandered the streets til I saw a Tavern and bosk help me I was hungry so went in... no one seemed to ask questions, I delivered drinks and food to patrons and spoke as little as possible.. but most importantly, I was able to eat and drink to my fill.

The Tavern Keep didnt mind the help at all, and I explained myself as waiting for My Master who was in another City on Business, but he planned to move to this Grand City. It flew better than I could have imagined.

I was given coin by many a customer and one I saved and one I gave to the Tavern Keep as the men always gave extra for my attentions by way of conversation and dance.. yes.. I danced.. I served... and I flirted well all from the protection of a restriction that I imposed upon myself but said it was by my Owners preference..Ha.

Days turned into scores of time that seemed to pass swiftly and eventually I had enough coin to Rent a house and prepare it for my Imaginary Master... people still believed the story and that in itself was Unbelieveable, even the Tavern Keep grew accustomed to my assistance. Although, I did have to fill out forms for citizenship for my Imaginary Master... and I did so.. using his real name... thinking, He'll never know.

I just needed time to get enough coin to get enough clothes & funds to travel , that... was the plan. Why didnt i just hop a boat home? After my sister refused to pay to my Ransom I knew showing up there as a slave might very likely keep me one and I'd lose my Ownership in our Property.... very slick move on my sisters part, I must say.

It was like any other day in Midgaard, I slept in because... i could.. took my time cooking for myself and straightened up the house before soothing in a nice hot bath scented with talendar of which afterwards I'll dress in something highly revealing and wear big boots, mostly because it annoys the city slaves.

So there I am, serving food and drink, cleaning up about the City Tavern... I am then called to serve a wonderful Master that frequented for my company. A voice caused the hair on the back of my neck to rise, it was.... Him... the Guardsman. He snapped his finger and I paniced... but froze at the same time, this just cant be happening.

The Man I served excused me to him and before I could kneel once more my hair was fisted into his Hand and I was being drug out the back door of the Tavern.... not a word spoken... he took me down the dark alley and around the back way of the city then out the front gate. I thought this was it, he had a certain Doom in store for me.... and... I heard another voice.....

When I turned to try and look I found myself sharply put down to my knee's at the Guardsman side, he was heavily cloaked and hooded but the Man that spoke I knew, for he too is a Guard of my homeland. I had been missing for so many moons I had figured there was no hunt or dispatch to search my whereabouts, and my sister I thought for sure had sealed my fate telling all I was slave.... but This Guard.. called Osith, challenged the Guardsman.

The Guardsmans death was swift and Osith to my Horror, set the body on Fire then took me home and declared I belonged to is Gorean Custom.

~the end of this chapter~
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The Guardsman
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