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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 A warriors Honor

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PostSubject: A warriors Honor   A warriors Honor Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 1:10 am

This is a Roleplay Log that will .. through it's read... show you that sometimes, Honor is in the Giving of it.

[9:12] Tuka Tagore: Greetings Master. May this girl be of service to Master this day?
[9:12] Rhaven Fredriksson stops and looks around then back at girl at his feet
[9:12] Rhaven Fredriksson: Back off my boots a pace girl
[9:13] Tuka Tagore: Yes Master. *humbly backs a step and then kneels once nore*
[9:13] Rhaven Fredriksson: And stop getting under the feet of the free when you approach them before I put my boot in your belly as a reminder
[9:13] Tuka Tagore: Yes Master.
[9:13] Rhaven Fredriksson knuckles his eye with a fist as he keeps looking around.
[9:14] Rhaven Fredriksson: Were is the body of the man that was dead here last night. Where did it get moved to?
[9:14] Tuka Tagore: May this girl beg Master's permission to ask Master a question?
[9:14] Rhaven Fredriksson glanced down at her
[9:14] Tuka Tagore: It was moved onto the bushes Master.
[9:14] Rhaven Fredriksson: Aye, answer my question and then ask your own.
[9:15] Tuka Tagore looks a bit guiltily at the still noticeable bloody marks on the cobbles that she was unable to remove with the broom
[9:16] Tuka Tagore: Master, this girl's question is to know what type of bird that is.
[9:16] Tuka Tagore: *points at the curiously marked bird that is flapping around hoping to divert the Master's attention from the corpse*
[9:17] Rhaven Fredriksson glanced over his shoulder at the bird flying around the docks and after studying it for a moment shrugged
[9:18] Rhaven Fredriksson: It isnt a tarn, and it isnt a seagull, and it isnt a vulo.
[9:18] Tuka Tagore: It is just that this girl is very interested in animals Master and would like to learn more about them.
[9:18] Rhaven Fredriksson: Aside from that I've little knowledge of birds.
[9:18] Rhaven Fredriksson: Now where was the body of Rah taken?
[9:19] Rhaven Fredriksson folds his arms still staring down at her.
[9:19] Tuka Tagore: Yes Master. This girl is sorry for bothering Master with her foolish question. It was taken into the bushes there Master *points trembling a little*
[9:19] Rhaven Fredriksson nods
[9:19] Rhaven Fredriksson then points to the bloody streaks on the sidewalks
[9:19] Sweetie Dagger: The bird returned with a chuck of rotting flesh dangling from its mouth
[9:20] Rhaven Fredriksson: I seem to recall telling a slut to get that cleaned up last night, did I not?
[9:20] Tuka Tagore looksat the bloody streaks with a sinking feeling in her heart
[9:20] Sweetie Dagger dropped it on the walkway
[9:20] Tuka Tagore: Yes Master.
[9:20] Rhaven Fredriksson: Does thqat looked clean to you?
[9:21] Tuka Tagore: *looks carefully but realises she has been caught out*, Master. This girl will clean it immediately, Master
[9:21] Rhaven Fredriksson: No.
[9:21] Rhaven Fredriksson: You will get a bucket of water.
[9:21] Tuka Tagore looks up surprised "Yes Master."
[9:21] Rhaven Fredriksson: You will drss yourself and fetch soaproot from the Inn.
[9:22] Rhaven Fredriksson: Then you will return with that bucklet of soaproot
[9:22] Sweetie Dagger: The bird dropped another chunk of rotting flesh a few horts from the other, it seemed to starting a path to its origin
[9:22] Rhaven Fredriksson: and water.
[9:22] Tuka Tagore: Yes Master. Now Master?
[9:22] Rhaven Fredriksson: Then your going to use your hair to scrub those stones spotless ~ he rumbled at her still staring~
[9:23] Tuka Tagore looks up shocked " hair, Master?"
[9:23] Rhaven Fredriksson: And if I see blood on those stones when I come back, Then I'm going to hang you by your ankles from that post there for 2 days.
[9:23] Rhaven Fredriksson: Yes your hair.
[9:23] Rhaven Fredriksson: If the lazy slave had done the job right the first time, then she wouldnt have to worry about finishing it today.
[9:24] Rhaven Fredriksson: Now Har'ta, and if anyone tries to command you or call you to service inform them you have been given a task to finish.
[9:24] Tuka Tagore looks nervously at the post. "Yes...Yes Master. This girl understands Master. My camisk, Master. Does Master still have it? Master had it in his hand when he chased the Free Woman from the Bath-house last night, Master.
[9:25] Rhaven Fredriksson claps his hands in a sharp crack to make her scurry
[9:25] Rhaven Fredriksson: Fetch afresh one from the Inn kennel.
[9:25] Tuka Tagore aqueals a bit and dashes away realising that she will have to wait totry and get the camisk back "yes Master!" *thankful for that mercy at least*
[9:26] Tuka Tagore scampers off to the inn to get a bucket
[9:27] Rhaven Fredriksson followed the hopping bird after chasing the slavegirl off and slipped around behind the docks tent looking things over.
[9:27] Rhaven Fredriksson kicked at the ground to send dirt flying at the bird and chase it back from the patch on the ground looking things over.
[9:29] Rhaven Fredriksson stared at the mess with a look of disgust on his face and then crouched over the remaining flesh and bones, working his hands into the reminas and searching for anything that might have been left on the body, rings, seals, or such
[9:30] Rhaven Fredriksson stopping after a few moments with his hands covered in gore up to the elbows he went into the tent and retrieved a sheet of the canvas then and flipped it out on the ground, kicked it flat, then began to move the remaining flesh and bone to the tarp.
[9:30] Sweetie Dagger: Rhaven would find smaller skulls, two...explaining where Sweeties jits went to... Rah wore them on his belt.... he'd also find a chain he wore around his neck with a medallion
[9:31] Sweetie Dagger: a smaller length of chain with a ring on one end. he wore on his nose.
[9:31] Rhaven Fredriksson occassionally he would look up at circling carrion birds and hurl a stone at them to shy them away as he worked without being bothered by the mess as much as the thought of what had been done to the body.
[9:33] Rhaven Fredriksson for all that he'd disliked the man and been willing to kill him without the thought of loosing any sleep, he didnt like the thought of his body just being left out for carrion and sleen fodder since the man had done nothing to deserve that dishonor.
[9:34] Rhaven Fredriksson wiped the skulls, the nose ring, and the medallion off on the canvas as best he was able then piocketed then, and continued working with a flat face till he'd gathered what remained of Rah onto the tarp, then rolled it up, cinching the ends closed with binding fibers from his belt.
[9:37] Rhaven Fredriksson staring at the remains rolled in the tarp for a few minutes longer, he then gave a sigh and heaved the tarp on his shoulder deciding to move quickly before the blood soaked through and then turned and strode away with the remains of the corpse over his shoulder.
[9:38] Sardar Side Gate: Rhaven is at the door.
[9:39] Rhaven Fredriksson stopped in his home and after rooting through the wreckage for a bit managed to recover a small sack of salt, a half loaf of bread, and a large quiva that he had picked up from somewhere in the past and then continued making his way to the mans home.
[9:40] Rhaven Fredriksson pausing to grab a skin of sa-paga as he left his house and began loping to the place he had in mind
[9:42] Rhaven Fredriksson finally coming to a stop he dropped the tarp wrapped corpses on the ground, and the bundle of things he'd gathered from his own home beside it and looked around
[9:43] Rhaven Fredriksson taking a long pull from the sa-paga, he then began to gather wood and fallen timber, mostly dragging them by brute force and building a pyre as he'd seen left from when the body of that other merchant was burned
[9:44] Rhaven Fredriksson satisfied at last with the amount of wood that was there he then lifted the tarp with the body and centered it on the fire and stepped back looking around
[9:45] Rhaven Fredriksson cleared his throat and looked skyward and spoke it his deep voice, not yelling but projecting it far into the sky.
[9:45] Rhaven Fredriksson: Odin!
[9:45] Rhaven Fredriksson: This man was not of your children, and I do not know the ways of his people.
[9:46] Rhaven Fredriksson: I did not like the man, and I would have klilled him myself given the chance.
[9:46] Rhaven Fredriksson: But he deserved a bit more honor that was left him here.
[9:47] Rhaven Fredriksson: He's people live in the cities of dust, or on some grassy plain in the sky I believe... I do not know turelly, you can ask him exactly when you meet him.
[9:47] Rhaven Fredriksson: Give him assistance in finding his people there Odin.
[9:48] Rhaven Fredriksson walks up beside the tarp and slips two coins from his belt pouch within the wrappings then speaks to the sky again
[9:48] Rhaven Fredriksson: I send him to you with gold Odin, for he was a wealthy man here and should not be poor while he wanders Valhalla...
[9:49] Rhaven Fredriksson digs out the half eaten loaf of bread from his kitchen and then stuffs it down in the wrappings as well
[9:49] Rhaven Fredriksson: I send him to you with bread Odin, so that he may not go hungry on his journey to the Halls.
[9:50] Rhaven Fredriksson pulling free the small sack of salt he tucks that into the wrappings and rumbles out..
[9:50] Rhaven Fredriksson: Odin I send him with slat, to season his bosk if he chooses to feast in the Hall of Hero's...
[9:51] Rhaven Fredriksson then sides the heavy quiva he'd taken from his weapons cabinet from his belt and tucks it within the wrappings...
[9:51] Rhaven Fredriksson: He carries steel with him Odin, becuase for all his faults in my eyes he was still a warrior.
[9:52] Rhaven Fredriksson then takes the bota of sa-pagga and sprays about half of it across the corspe and the the timber to get it ready for lighting, laying the reminaing half on his chest and stepping back with the torch.
[9:53] Rhaven Fredriksson: And Odin, I know that you wont judge him a coward, so he wouldnt need the paga to quench his thirst in Hel... So I send him to you with the paga for his long walk he will take when you show him where his people are there.
[9:54] Rhaven Fredriksson then tosses the torch on the piyre and steps back as the flames whoosh, drawing his sword and grounding the point, standing the death watch until the the flames will pass.

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A warriors Honor
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