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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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PostSubject: torvie handshake   torvie handshake Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 1:09 am

Rhaven Fredriksson hears the hiss of steel on scabbard and draws himself turning, to look down the length of the bridge at a man nearly as tall as himself, but broader with a neck like a bull capped with a helm.
Vidar Lannock looks onwards at the blade drawn, ready to wield
Rhaven Fredriksson: Tal warrior...
Vidar Lannock listens as the waters break about the shore then replies... "Tal Red"
Rhaven Fredriksson gives his neck a jerk cracking it
Vidar Lannock: Are you of this land Red ?
Rhaven Fredriksson: Nay...Something I can do for you this day?
Rhaven Fredriksson: I came through port to take care of some business... And yourself?
Vidar Lannock cocks his brow from side to side egging himself for the charge
Vidar Lannock: Likewise....
Rhaven Fredriksson nods at him
Rhaven Fredriksson: Is your business on this side of this bridge?
Vidar Lannock shakes his head in a "nay" motion
Vidar Lannock looks at his steel wanting what he has.
Rhaven Fredriksson nods at the motion of his head, still keeping his one eye fixed on the man
Vidar Lannock: are you Red ?
Vidar Lannock: You seem of a high caste with you attire...
Rhaven Fredriksson: I was born of Torvaldsland, but yes I am now of the red these many centuries...
Vidar Lannock arcs a brow at the mention of familiar lands
Vidar Lannock: From where do you hail ?
Rhaven Fredriksson: From the deck of my ship with the wind in my face usually....
Vidar Lannock lets a braisen smirk dance across his mouth
Rhaven Fredriksson: Tho' I keep a small house sometimes in the Sardar's.
Vidar Lannock: Times are harsh at sea ai ?
Vidar Lannock: Northern steel ?
Rhaven Fredriksson gives him a shrug as he continues staring at him, "As with any other venture, it depends the waters that you sail, and if you gauged them rightly..."
Rhaven Fredriksson: Aye... northern steel...
Vidar Lannock edges slightly closer to inspect such steel
Vidar Lannock: Fine craft.....
Rhaven Fredriksson keeps the point angled up prepared for a charge if needed
Rhaven Fredriksson: Aye... I thought so myself when I comminsioned it...
Rhaven Fredriksson: From the forges of Hiemdal
Vidar Lannock feels the beads of sweat drip across his brow as if awaiting for the signal.
Vidar Lannock looks up
Vidar Lannock: Heimdal you say ?
Rhaven Fredriksson remains seeming calm of face, but muscles flexing and releasing under his tunic trying to stretch himself subtly, knowing what will come at some point.
Rhaven Fredriksson: Aye... many many years ago
Vidar Lannock: Has been to Heimdal lately ?
Rhaven Fredriksson notes the long hilt on the younger mans blade and reminds himself in the back of his head to watch for 2 handed swings, and that his blade will pivot quickly from the balance point.
Rhaven Fredriksson: Nay... Havent been there in many winters...
Vidar Lannock: Does one know any people from such a land ?
Rhaven Fredriksson: One may know a few...
Vidar Lannock stands still firm in frame.
Rhaven Fredriksson: As I said, I was born with an axe in my fist... so I'm sure that a few I've known must still live.
Vidar Lannock nods
Rhaven Fredriksson works his heels lightly on the boards at the foot of the bridge, setting his postion and balance.
Vidar Lannock: Does one know Freja Asp ?
Vidar Lannock arcs a brow
Rhaven Fredriksson gives a shake of his chin, being truthful.
Rhaven Fredriksson: Nay, the name has never past my ears as I recall...
Vidar Lannock: what of a Ries Kurka ?
Rhaven Fredriksson keeps his eye on the man and gives another shake of his chin
Vidar Lannock smirks
Rhaven Fredriksson: As I've said, its been many winters at least since I was there...
Vidar Lannock: mayhap tis time you ventured back to the North...
Vidar Lannock: that being Heimdal ..
Vidar Lannock readies himself for the charge
Rhaven Fredriksson: Aye... mayhap I should consider it
Vidar Lannock nods and charges....

***23 seconds and a lot of swings later on the bridge like a knife fight in a phone booth between a couple rabid grizzlies but with no damage on the meters***

Vidar Lannock: ((are these meters working ?))
Rhaven Fredriksson: ((damn sure don’t look like it to me, lol))
Vidar Lannock: ((hahah)
Rhaven Fredriksson: ((but I don’t use this meter))
Vidar Lannock: ((ah well it was good RP))

Later Rhaven finished the swim to the side of his ship and clutched at the anchor rope as he shook the filthy dock water from his hair weakly...
Hoarsely he rumbled to himself, "He almost had you old boar... if not for you taking you both over the side of the bridge into the water, the young bastard Would have had you."
The last words hissed like an accusation at himself of weakness.
Still weak from the weltering mass of wounds on his body and blood loss, he still began to strain and hurriedly pulled himself from the water to collaspe on his deck before he became food for the sea sleen.
In the back of his mind as he lay there panting, a soaked mass of blood and dockwater filth, half of him was hoping the other warrior had made it ashore someplace, and half of him hoping that he'd drowned.
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