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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 Slave Fish

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PostSubject: Slave Fish   Slave Fish Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 9:22 pm

Raiders of Gor:
Chapter 15
Pages 219 - 220:

The boy looked down. “I would speak with you alone,” he said.
I had no objection to this, but, of course, as master of the house, I intended to respect the prerogatives of the kitchen master, who, in the kitchen, must speak with my own authority.
“If you speak,” I said, “you will do so before Tellius.”
The boy looked angrily at the kitchen master.
Then the boy looked down, and clenched his fists. Then angonized, he looked up at me. “I would learn weapons,” he whispered.
(-page 220-)
I was stunned. Even Tellus, the kitchen master, could say nothing.
“I would learn weapons,” said the boy, again, this time boldly.
“Slaves are not taught weapons,” I said.
“Your men,” said he, “Thurncock, Clitus, and others, have said that they will teach me, should you give your permission.” He looked down.
The kitchen master snorted with the absurdity of the idea. “You would do better,”said he, “to learn the work of the kitchen.”
The boy looked up angrily. “I am not stupid,” he said.
I looked at the boy, absently, as though I could not place him.
“What is your name?” I asked.
He looked at me. Then he said , “---Fish.”

Page 221:

“The slave boy, Fish,” I said to the kitchen master, “has come unbidden into my presence and he has not, in my opinion, shown sufficient respect for the master of my kitchen.”
The boy looked at me, fighting back tears.
“Accordingly,” I said, “he is to be beaten severely.”
The boy looked down, his fists clenched.
“And beginning tomorrow,” I said, “if his work in the kitchen improves to your satisfaction, and only under that condition, he is to be permitted one Ahn a day to train with weapons.”
“Captain!” cried the boy.
“And that Ahn,” I said, “is to be made up in extra work in the evening.”
“Yes Captain,” said the kitchen master.
“I will work for you, Tellius,” said the boy. “I will work better than any for you!”
“All right, Lad,” said Tellius. “We shall see.”
The boy looked at me. “Thank you,” he said, “Captain.”

Page 222:

I looked down the table, to where Thurnock, with his slave Thura, and Clitus, with his slave, Ula, were drinking and laughing. Thurnock and Clitus were good men, they had taken a fancy to the boy, Fish, and had helped him with his work in weapons.

Chater 17
page 159:

I had scarcely set foot on the deck when I saw, near the mast well, the boy Fish.
"I told you," I cried, "to remain ashore!"
"Beat me later," said be, "Captain."
I turned to an officer. "Give him a sword," I said.
Thank you, Captain," said the boy.
I strode to the stern castle of the Dorna.

Chapter 18
bage 286:
Then we heard more shouting, and saw more torches.
Now the room was high with light and even the beams of the hall stood forth, heavy in their ceiling.
Now, discovered, Fish fought by my side, that we might, together, protect one another.
"Now, Slave," said I to Fish, "you should have stayed with the fleet."
"Be silent,” said he, adding, "-Master."
I laughed.
I saw the boy, with a lightning thrust, Hash four inches steel through a body, returning to the on-guard position before the man realized he had been struck.
In fighting as we were, one did not use a deep thrust, that the blade might be more swiftly freed.
"You have learned your lessons well," said I, "Slave."
"Thank you, Master," said he.
He dropped another man.
I dropped two others, to my right.
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Slave Fish
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