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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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 Quote on Kajirus

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PostSubject: Quote on Kajirus   Quote on Kajirus Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 9:09 pm

"The brand itself, in the case of the girls, is a rather graceful mark, being the initial letter of the Gorean expression for slave in cursive script. If a male is branded, the same initial is used, but in a block letter."
Book 2, Outlaw of Gor, pages 186 - 187

"The small, heavy lock on a girls slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girls collar lock there would be six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter of in the Gorean word for female slave, kajira; the male slave, or kajirus, seldom has a locked collar; normally a band of iron is simply hammered about his neck; often he works in chains, usually with other male slaves."
Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 51

"In some cities, including Ar, an unchained male slave is almost never seen; there are, incidentally, far fewer male slaves than female slaves;"
Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 51

"The pools were beautiful, and yet I knew that somewhere, chained in darkness, were gangs of male slaves who cleaned them each night;"
Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page

"Harold, as a boy, had once been a slave in the baths, those of the city of Turia, before he had escaped. He had told me that sometimes a Bath Girl, to discipline her, is thrown to the slaves in the darkness."
Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page

"Male slaves, on Gor, are not particularly valuable, and do not command high prices. Most labor is performed by free men. Most commonly, male slaves are utilized on the cargo galleys, and in the mines, and on the great farms. They also serve, frequently, as porters at the wharves. Still, perhaps they are fortunate to have their lives, even at such a price. Males captured in war, or in the seizure of cylinders or villages, or in the pillaging of caravans, are commonly slain. The female is the prize commodity in the Gorean slave markets. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk, but even a plain wench, of low caste, provided she moves well to the touch of the auctioneer's coiled whip, will bring as much, or more. An exception to the low prices for males generally is that paid for a certified woman's slave, a handsome male, silken clad, who has been trained to tend a woman's compartments. Some of such bring a price comparable to that brought by a girl, of average loveliness. Prices, of course, tend to fluctuate with given markets and seasons. If there are few such on the market in a given time, their prices will tend to be proportionately higher. Such men tend to be sold in the women's auctions, closed to free men, with the exception, of course, of the auctioneer and such personnel. Some of such bring a price comparable to that brought by a girl, of average loveliness."
Book 8, Hunters of Gor, page 32

"The litany and responses of the congregation were now completed and the initiates, some twenty within the rail, began to sing in archaic Gorean. I could make out little of the wording. There was an accompaniment by sistrums. Portions of the hymn were taken up by four delicated boys, standing outside the white on a raised platform. Their heads were shaved and they wore robes resembling those of the initiates. Choirs of such boys often sang in the great temples. They were young male slaves, purchased by initiates, castrated by civil authorities and, in the monasteries, trained in song. I supposed, to one versed in music, their soprano voices were very beautiful. I did not care much for them. Here in the far north, of course, in Kassau, to have any such boys, properly trained in the archaic hymns, indicated some wealth. I did not think such singers existed even in Lydius."
Book 9, Marauders of Gor, page 42

"Slavery also, of course, encompasses the ownership of male slaves, for which there is less precedentdent in nature. Where males are concerned the institution is primarily economic. The labor of male slave is useful and cheap. It is applied in such places as the quarries, the roads, the great farms, in certain types of cargo galleys, on the wharves, at the walls of cities and in the forests. Male slaves are usually debtors or criminals; sometimes they are captives, taken in actions against enemy cities or facilities; sometimes they have merely accrued the displeasure of powerful men or families; some slavers, working in gangs, specialize in the capture of free men for work projects; they obtain a fee per head on a contractual basis."
Book 12, Beasts of Gor, pages 235 - 236

" 'You seem to have no male slaves,' I observed.
'They are now scarce in Schendi,' he said. 'Bila Huruma, Ubar of Lake Ushindi, uses them for work on his great canal.' "
Book 13, Explorers of Gor, page 125
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Quote on Kajirus
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