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The Luna family is at war with the sabbat vampires and the Lycans. Humans are nothing more than slaves
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This site has adult content. 18+ only please.
Members need to put their birthdays in their profile so I know how old they are

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 Hi and Beware... *evil grin*

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PostSubject: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:14 pm


I am Symbiowolf and you are my minions! No? Ah, other way around eh? nope!! I'm here on my terms (and yes, I have gotten banned for telling that to an admin before Very Happy )

I'd like to say I am the owner of Insane RPs, a relatively small 19 member site that has been in operation since July 2010, possibly June. I am also a Gahoole Universe admin, by the name RoXion.

I am a bit of a joker; please do not take offense! I mean nothing butwhat I say, and insulting me doesn't help at all. I recently had a mental breakdown, within the past week. Surprised no joke there. I am here as a favor to the Admin of this site, and I am very diligent about joining the sites of others who ask. No activity guarantees available unless it's Gahoole or an adoptables site.

Anyways, here are some q&a about me:

Do you own my own site? Yes.
Do you webmaster elsewhere? Yes.
Do you believe a forum is like a government? Yes.
Do you like asparagus? No.
Have you ever SPAMmed? Who hasn't?!
Have you ever picked on admins and gotten away with it? Um, ask Darth Aslan. Happens all the time! I only pick on him though.
Have you ever been banned from a site before? Yes.
Why did you recieve the ban? For... uh... telling the admin EXACTLY what I thought of him and the mods?
Where was it on? I'm not telling you.
Where do you live? STALKER!
How old are you? Older than you probably are.
How old are you REALLY? Older than Klautroff last I checked. Possibly...
Have you even been out of your country? Dudes, I LIVE out of "my country".
How many people have you fought in school? FIVE!! and I beat them all to pieces.
How did you get your scar? It was a rabid fox attack. No, seriously!!
If you lived in a book what book would it be? The book of Exodus. Okay, maybe it'd be Eragon or Maximum Ride.
How many sibs do you have? Two. Possibly 3. Does my invisible Twin count?
Favorite book character? IGGY!!
Favorite animal? SERVAL!!
BFF's name? Bob. Okay, it's MAD. Mr. Anime Dude.
Favorite Cn=andy? rock candy *chew on cotton candy flavor slowly*
Desktop or laptop? Laptop unless I'm uploading.
WOW or COD? WYD, dudes. I play WYD.
Death or Destruction? Both, the more bloodbath the better...
Death Note, Jitsu? Stop calling my JITSU!! For the 3127th time, my name is NOT Jitsu.
Do you play any instruments? The Kazoo, Flute and Piano. Now please don't expect a performance because I quit ages ago.
Can you sing? beep yeah. Depends, ya want it on tune or off tune?
Do I know you in real life? Let's not find out.

this is the same one up on Gahoole. Wink But I'll answer anything within reason.

((Yeah, my gender is not on the site so I won't answer that. Figure it out and then tell me the opposite; that's usually right...))
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:23 pm

Boy XDD Welcome to the site
I am admin Twitch, if you have any questions. Please ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:30 pm

I am familiar with the host (I use it often ^.^) so all I really am slack on is my RPing...

I have "RPed" for many years but I'd really like to get up to the standards of I have a registered RP account there and detailed charries (Keldra and Galastar) all ready to go but... Embarassed I haven't RPed in ages!! And I have forgotten 99% of it!!
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:33 pm

I my-self am an Rp expert. If you need any help. We can go thru some classes.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:38 pm

Really? Shocked That's be GREAT!! I had a tutor at some point, but they disappeared. And Astro wasn't taking bait. O.O

*glances at time* I am about to either have to annoy Skyv and not say hi or go say hi and then do my hw *groan* *yeah, I noticed the age thing a little too late* 17's close enough, I've seen graphic stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:45 pm

Lol, I dont have a problem with the damn age thing, but oh-well. Yes, we can do some classses.

1: First make me an Rp sample of any kind. 10 sentences Top, and P.M. it to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:25 pm

Yeah that's just in case the forumotion dudes try to give me shit about my forum. This way it's up there and hopfully they won't say anything. I have no problem with you being 17.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi and Beware... *evil grin*   

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Hi and Beware... *evil grin*
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